About Us

The Dorothy Dunnett Society exists to help its members enjoy, discuss and promote the works of Dorothy Dunnett and the historical periods in which they were set.  The Society is a Charity, registered under Scottish law, and is based in Edinburgh, Scotland.  We are run by volunteers, and have members in Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, South Africa, France and other countries.

As part of our mission to spread the word, we have started to produce a range of legally authorised memorabilia and merchandising related to the works of Dorothy Dunnett.  We sell merchandise online or at Dorothy Dunnett gatherings only, and online items are shipped from the UK.  We do not have shop premises.

When Dorothy Dunnett died, she bequeathed most of her working papers and research to the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh. The profits made by the Society from the sale of such merchandising will go towards the cataloguing and preservation of her works. Among the items she left are 8 inch computer disks which deteriorate year on year, and which we see as a priority in having copied onto longer lasting media; no-one knows as yet what is on these disks.

For more information about the Dorothy Dunnett Society, please visit dorothydunnett.org